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Valorant’s Episode 4 patch adds Neon to the game and nerfs the Spectre

Valorant’s newest Agent can sprint, slide, and shoot electricity to take down enemies

Valorant’s newest Agent is Neon, an electricity-fueled speed demon

Valorant’s newest Agent is Chamber, a suave sentinel with extra weapons

Valorant’s new skins are a collaboration with EDM artist Zedd

Valorant’s new map is a game changer

Valorant’s latest patch is secretly a huge Viper nerf

League of Legends, Valorant, and all of Riot’s other games are part of the new Sentinels of Light event

Valorant’s new Agent is a robot who can disable enemy abilities

Valorant reaches 14M players per month

Valorant is coming to phones and mobile platforms

Riot suspends Valorant pro Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won following sexual assault investigation

Riot will record Valorant voice chat to fight toxicity

Valorant Act 3 will include a sunny new map called Breeze

Valorant’s latest patch brings changes to Astra and Raze

Valorant’s newest patch brings Agent updates for Viper and Yoru

Valorant pro player suspended from league during sexual assault investigation

Valorant’s newest Agent, Astra, revealed

Valorant nerfs the Stinger and introduces a team-based Gun Game mode

Valorant is getting its own version of Call of Duty’s Gun Game

Valorant’s newest patch makes running and shooting a very bad idea

Valorant’s latest patch brings some massive changes to the Split map 

Valorant Episode 2 will introduce a new character called Yoru

Valorant’s latest patch buffs Sage for the first time ever

Valorant’s latest patch adds newest character, Skye

Valorant’s Act 3 patch adds the new Icebox map

Valorant Act 3 brings a new Agent and a new map

Valorant’s latest patch finally nerfs the Operator

Epic and Riot Games’ Tencent dealings draw U.S. government scrutiny

Valorant’s latest patch is making map selection more random

Riot has disabled Omen in Valorant thanks to a teleportation bug

Valorant’s latest patch brings a massive nerf to Sage