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Tabletop Games

10 most anticipated new tabletop RPGs coming out in 2022

The 12 most anticipated new board games of 2022

Warhammer 40K’s Eldar to get new models in 2022

The Dark Souls of tabletop role-playing games is on the way

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Small but mighty: Independent TTRPG presses work toward equity in game design

How The Gauntlet, Possum Creek, and Exalted Funeral are establishing new publishing models for independent authors

Popular pocket-sized card game Love Letter gets the Star Wars treatment

Malaysian tabletop developers raising funds with games bundle for flood relief

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Board games heavily influenced some of 2021’s best video games

Critical Role animated series will premiere earlier than expected

Games Workshop will reprint one of 2021’s most controversial games after all

Beadle & Grimm’s announces a new high-end line of accessories for Magic: The Gathering

Cyborg ninjas are coming to Magic: The Gathering

A new Dragonlance trilogy begins in 2022

Board game publisher Asmodee up for sale, valued at $3.1B

Root: The Roleplaying Game is a delightfully blank slate, ready for adventure

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The best tabletop games that we played in 2021

The next Critical Role comic tells the story of half-orc Fjord Stone

Space Marine 2 is on the way, pitting the Ultramarines against the Tyranids

The board game Root would never have worked as a D&D campaign

New Jurassic World board game is the perfect match for a legacy-style campaign

D&D’s Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos understands what makes college memorable

Print your own orb, plus a wizard to ponder it, with this free 3D file

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The best indie tabletop RPGs of 2021

New D&D sourcebook wants you to stop pondering your orb and smooch some other wizards

GameStop sale offers great deals on board games, D&D books

Acclaimed board game Root is a resounding success on Nintendo Switch

Award-winning Lord of the Rings tabletop RPG now available as revised second edition

Are you happy with your fireballs? A new D&D spell survey wants to know

Descent: Legends of the Dark and more great board games on sale for Cyber Monday

The best D&D campaigns

Powered by the Apocalypse is the best way to get started with tabletop role-playing games

Warhammer developer Games Workshop to hate groups: ‘We don’t want your money’