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Netflix’s bleak sci-fi film The Colony mashes up Children of Men and Aliens

Watch the first scene of Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle, an anime riff on Beauty and the Beast

Phastos has his ‘a-ha!’ moment in exclusive Eternals deleted scene

The Belchers have a quest to save the restaurant in the first trailer for The Bob’s Burgers Movie

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The underrated Attack of the Clones has never been more vital to Star Wars

Encanto soundtrack reaches the top of the Billboard 100

You can check out the art book for The Mitchells vs. the Machines for free

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Scream’s directors on how the sequel connects Wes Craven to Jordan Peele

Golden Globe winners announced, despite a complete Hollywood boycott

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Paul Dano’s ‘DIY’ Riddler from The Batman hopes to give the villain a clearer identity

Red Notice might be last year’s biggest visual effects triumph?

8 satirical horror comedies to put you in the mood for the new Scream

The Tender Bar and every new movie you can watch at home this weekend

See For Me updates an all-time classic horror movie for the gamer age

This designer Spirited Away bag will set you back $2,990

Pixar’s next movie Turning Red headed straight to Disney Plus

Andrew Garfield is finally game for another Spider-Man movie

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Polygon’s 2022 Entertainment Guide

A preview of everything worth being pumped about

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The major movie and TV anniversaries of 2022

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Our most anticipated movies of 2022

The 355 continues the hot new streak of lousy lady action movies

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2021 was an even wilder year than usual for Nicolas Cage

The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ protagonist wants you to watch great films

Harry Potter’s Return to Hogwarts special isn’t about nostalgia — it’s about rebranding

Netflix’s movie Hilda and the Mountain King answers the series’ biggest mysteries

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Matrix Resurrections, Black Widow piracy shows the limit of the straight-to-streaming blockbuster

The last great moment in the Harry Potter fandom

Michael Keaton explains why he walked away from Batman

Please stop taking the Morbius movie away from me

Every pair of sunglasses in The Matrix movies, ranked

The Peacemaker trailer revs up DC’s very un-Marvel-like year of movies and shows

12 best movies new to streaming to watch in January 2022